AXIMET technology, Inc.

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Aximet Technology is now part of Julias Designs Group

Aximet Technology Inc. is now part of the Julias Designs Group. Aximet shall continue operations as usual and our line of business will not incur in any disruptions as a result of the acquisition. All existing contracts and projects will continue to perform as usual with direct reporting to Julias Designs CEO. Julias Designs will increase Aximet's capabilities with high-end engineering resources and expertise in the Aerospace and Information Technology lines of Business.

During the next 2 months, our personnel will receive details of the Consolidation Plan. Among the salient points of the acquisition we must consider the following:

  • Substantially improved use of engineering resources, and scalability far beyond the original Aximet's line of business

  • Expanded accessibility to support internationalization efforts. Our line of products will be expanded and modified to accommodate other applications, such as agricultural drone platforms and others.

  • Extended integration of business processes and applications through Web services. This ability will permit global commercialization with growth emphasis in Latin American Markets.

  • Enhanced content delivery, through standardization of templates and presentation capabilities to support content delivery to any destination.

  • A more sustainable and flexible framework for Engineering Design and Product development.


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Aximet Technology, Inc. has launched a new interactive interface to better serve and inform our customers. As of November 2008, interactive interfaces in this web portal will provide reporting and Program Management for all Aximet's Projects. This new strategy shall become our business modelĀ from this point onwards, said Director of Business Development, Rafael J. Lugo in a press statement yesterday.