AXIMET technology, Inc.

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Our core expertise

Our core expertise is the design, development, and fabrication of high performance - high efficiency motors, generators, and generator control units (GCU's). Typical applications fit for our products range from military markets (UAV's, drones, motor-actuators, etc) to Automotive, Industrial, and Renewable energy markets.

Our competitive advantage resides in superior technology developed during the last 10 years (patent applied for) which has yielded a design for our power generation systems hard to match in terms of size, weight, efficiency, power dissipation, and performance output. Aximet's objective is to become the leading manufacturer of motor and generator units based on size/weight/output performance ratios.

In addition, our ability to adapt our proprietary motor and generator designs to a wide range of power and efficiency requirements enable us to support several market segments. Whether you are a cutting edge technology company looking for the highest performing power generation or motor components, or if you are a hobbyist looking for premium electric propulsion components, we have a product for you.  Tough applications requiring lightweight components, but yet high power output are an excellent fit for our generators.  We have generator packages as small as 2 inches in diameter by 2 inch depth producing several hundred watts of power. In regards to our fabrication processes, Aximet has developed a logistics and manufacturing system that enable us to offer production advantages that easily accommodate large and small production runs.  Aximet is able to support requests ranging from prototype fabrication, to high volume production of our units.

Aximet has also a footprint in the high-power market. Renewable energy, and more specifically wind turbine power generation has also been the focus of our development roadmap. Units capable of producing up to hundreds of kilowatts are also available to our customers.

Our motor line, is focused mainly to the automotive industry, where high output, high efficiency motors are required to meet the demanding applications of future Electric/Hybrid vehicles.

Our engineering team has the talent and experience to provide customized solutions to a wide range of power generation problems.

Let us show you what we can do to improve your project.


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Aximet Technology, Inc. has launched a new interactive interface to better serve and inform our customers. As of November 2008, interactive interfaces in this web portal will provide reporting and Program Management for all Aximet's Projects. This new strategy shall become our business model from this point onwards, said Director of Business Development, Rafael J. Lugo in a press statement yesterday.